Ciao bella


First layered necklace is from Italy. The anchor, cross, and heart symbolize charity, faith, and openness.


I'm officially back from Italy and I say this with lots of sadness. My month abroad was memorable to say the least. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite moments with you guys throughout the upcoming posts.

My day to day activities in Rome consisted of lots of walking (not a bad thing when every cobblestoned road is gorgeous), having lunch/dinner outside of the cutest restaurants, entering random gelato spots for samples, eating lots of pasta and bread, and drinking even more wine. And it never got old. Every meal tasted better than the last and the views got prettier.

You can't tell but these pictures were taken on one of the only days it rained during my stay. It was actually pouring at that very moment but the rain lasts only a few minutes and I was soon on a rooftop devouring some pasta and getting a tad bit under the influence with some friends.

Amanda Korina

ASOS co-ord
GUISEPPE ZANOTTI suede sandals
BANANA REPUBLIC 'ciao bella' necklace