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Founded by Amanda Korina, From The Heels Up has created a niche in the fashion industry. Amanda emblazons her own path of style and fashion in the fast-paced and ever-buzzing New York City. She embodies all that is chic, elegant, and edgy. She transforms the leading trends into her own unique adaptation. The way Amanda dresses is the way she expresses herself to the world. Undoubtably, she exudes her witty, charming, and sophisticated qualities. She puts unlikely pieces together to create a striking first impression and lasting statement.




self-confidence + my journey

I recently had the opportunity to sit and have coffee with a follower of mine. She reached out to me for an interview on JENSROOM8 where she showcases up-and-coming talent and people with passion for art..

how you feel is how you look

Lately, i've been dressing how i'm feeling - golden, sparkly, bold, and shiny. I've been so into gold and sparkles as you can see in this look.. 

Twenty three

Happy birthday to me. 23 YEARS. This year I feel so full. My life in all aspects is exactly where it needs to be - and where I want it to be. I'm grateful to see another year and..



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