The salon that gave me my groove back.


If you're like me, letting someone new touch your hair is an anxious experience. I have my go-to lady who cuts, styles, and colors my hair since I was 7 years old. She's gone through every hair phase with me and I've never thought to I guess you could say - cheat on her. 

Well i'm glad I did. My experience at the Nexxus Salon in Tribeca was one of a kind. I felt right at home from the moment I walked in. I was given the Nexxus Emergencée treatment - which how did they know I needed this in my life? As i've mentioned before, i've experienced major hair loss and thinning - due to who knows what (stress, hormonal changes, bleaching, heat damage, maybe all of the above?) But in January, i've taken matters in to my own hands to be more cautious with the products I use and heat usage. The regrowth process has been tough but I've seen progress. You can see my natural hair peaking through! 

In collaboration with Nexxus - All opinions are my own and honest

The protein treatment not only coats each strand with proteins and nutrients but it directly nourishes and reconstructs your hair from the inside out by using steam. Most at home leave in's focus on the hair strands and the ends but never actually nourishes and conditions the inside - or shall I say your foundation. I had never actually thought about how true this is until the stylists educated me! The treatment was quick, painless, and actually relaxing (I was super cozy and lying down). 

Patrick was the topping on the cake for my Nexxus experience! He made me feel so comfortable by sharing so many tips and tricks when styling my hair. I always aim to achieve a disheveled, rolled out of bed hair - he taught me how to finally get it! It was as if he was performing magic on my hair:
Me: How did you do that? 
Me: Wait, do that again but show me? 
Me: Now, how do I curl the other side with my left hand? 
Me: omg i've been doing this all wrong
Me: wow i am obsessed - it's so easy! 

He also listened to my hair struggles and educated me on my hair loss - making me feel comfortable for him to do whatever he wants with my mane. I'm new to hair care and any information is good information to me. *takes notes*

From the light-weight texture, hydrating look, and the smell - I couldn't believe what the treatment had done for me. I was convinced I walked out of the salon with a new set of hair. It truly gave me confidence I was lacking due to my hair loss. We will regrow, I repeat, we-will-regrow! 

Nexxus, see you in 6 weeks for another TLC sesh. 

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