BITTERSWEET: g'bye 2016


Wearing Burlap2cashmere hat + BALMAIN coat

And just like that, we're welcoming a new chapter: 2017. Weird.. time is flying!!

My heart is full. 2016 has been the best year of my life - so far. It makes me super emotional to reflect back on the year I had and all the memories made. I traveled to the most beautiful places, met so many amazing human beings, accomplished everything I wanted to, and danced right through the year. I found peace and I fell in love with myself.

I really hate to say goodbye to 2016 but like all things, change is good and life goes on. I will take the happiness and memories the year has brought me into the next and create and accomplish much more. Here are 16 things I learned this year: 

  1. Everyone needs someone. You can't do it all on your own. 
  2. Good friends, that embody all that it means to be a true friend, don't come around often. Appreciate them. 
  3. Music is the cure for everything. 
  4. Make as many connections and relationships as you can while you're young. They will open doors and take you places you'll never believe. 
  5. Any goal accomplished, small or big, should be celebrated. 
  6. Life is not easy, you have to dance through it. It's honestly the only way. 
  7. L O V E is a beautiful thing if you let it in. 
  8. Being unapologetically yourself is liberating, try it. 
  9. People will never know you need help unless you ask for it. Speak up! 
  10. Being honest about your personal problems and seeking help for them is brave no matter how weak you feel. 
  11. Self-care is important. Get to know yourself. Pamper yourself. Spoil yourself. 
  12. Don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty for being selfish. 
  13. Speak things into the universe and manifest your wants and desires. Watch what happens. 
  14. Experiences and moments are to be felt. Be present. Forget yesterday and don't worry about tomorrow.
  15. Listen to your body and take care of you. GET SOME SLEEP.
  16. Do what you want 'cause you can.

Thank you for all your support, comments, and love this year. I appreciate it more than you all know.