The Starting Five


Ok ladies, let's talk beauty! Here's my holiest of holy grails. I am far from a makeup artist or a beauty guru but through trial and error i've come as close as possible to finding my favorite beauty products that work for me. Being a full-time college student, working two jobs, and having a very active social life, i've found myself loving a very minimalistic - no makeup, makeup look. These are my top beauty obsessions that help me achieve an effortless face for when i'm always on the go.

The e.l.f tinted moisturizerhas completely replaced my foundation. It's the best $3 i've ever spent, not exaggerating either! Although it is lightweight, it still gives me the perfect amount of coverage. Don't get me wrong, my foundation is a must for a full face beat for a social event but this breathable tinted moisturizer gets the job done.

Now you know we all need that concealer to conceal those designer bags... it's ok.. we all have them. I've gone through my fair share of concealers, high-end and drugstore, more than i'm actually proud to admit but none are as effective as my Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARS (custard). It brightens my under-eye area, stays in place all day, never creases, and reduces my puffiness - just what I need.

I cannot live without mascara. Mascara has a way of opening up my eyes and helping me look awake even when i'm running on two hours of sleep. After trying a few mascaras, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is at the very top of my list. Thankfully, I was blessed in the eyelash department so a few pumps with an eyelash curler and two coats of Better Than Sex and it looks like i'm wearing falsies. I recommend purchasing the travel size product first, just to test it out and if you love it, then splurge!

Thick, bold, and groomed brows are my obsession. I strive for effortless, filled-in brows so I simply use Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz (dark brown) to fill in any empty areas and that's all.

 I'm fairly pale so blush is my best friend when i'm in deep need of some color. The blush I use depends on the side of bed I wake up on. Sometimes i'm feeling very Pinched by NYX which is a power blush or Coral Lumineux from the Prabal Gurung x MAC collection which is a cream colour base. But I find myself always leaning more for Bad Girl Gone Good from the Rihanna x MAC collection which can serve as a blush or a bronzer.

Hope this helps ladies.

Amanda Korina