Rome, Italy


Ciao from Roma!

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that i've been in Italy for 2 weeks now. I'm currently studying abroad in Rome, yay! I'll give you guys a quick recap of my first week as i'll be posting more details about my trip soon.

To begin, the journey was easy. I took a 9 hour non stop flight to Rome. There's a 6 hour time difference between here and NYC which isn't so bad. The first few days were spent settling in and getting as much sleep as possible because the following days were b-u-s-y with classes and tours. Classes are Monday through Saturday and are beyond helpful while i'm here because I learn so much in class and it all comes together while we visit the churches, museums, and ancient monuments. I think i would be completely lost if I visited everything alone. Unfortunately, I got pneumonia (my luck is awesome) while being here which consumed my first two weeks. It was awful and scary but thankfully, I'm 100% better now.

Rome is beautiful, to say the least. Every street corner is a photo op. The architecture will leave you mesmerized. And the food - yum. It's actually what you imagine it to be but better. I've already accomplished all there needs to in Rome in just a week. It can definitely be covered in shorter time, by the way, for those who plan to visit. My first week was spent in Rome and the weekend in Capri. The island of Capri has been by far my favorite.

Two weeks has been enough for me to know my way around. I have to constantly pinch myself and be reminded I'm living in another country because the city girl in me adapts quick and knows all of the streets already. I roam around like this has been home forever. The streets remind me of SoHo for those who live in nyc. The metro is super easy to get used to and the language barrier is nothing if you know a little spanish! The weather can be a bit unbearable but thank god for siesta (a nap taken during the hottest hours of the day - museums, churches and shops are closed). I normally don't step out till about 5 o'clock to avoid the scorching 90s.


I visited the twin churches located in Piazza di Popolo, Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli. They were gorgeous. You have to sit and let it all soak in because the art can be overwhelming. From the ceilings, to the sculptures and the marble floors, everything is breathtaking.

Some churches are a bit lenient with the way you should be dressed (shorts and tank tops are allowed) and some will not allow you inside unless your knees and shoulders are covered. You will get yelled at or not allowed inside so be mindful.

I'll be sharing more photos and details soon, stay updated!

Amanda Korina 

ZARA dress
KENNETH COLE Victoria lace up sandals
FOREVER 21 bucket bag