My trip to Bermuda


I recently visited the beautiful island of Bermuda with a group of friends. Bermuda is insanely gorgeous. The houses are painted bright colors and picturesque, the roads are narrow with no sidewalks, the beaches are crystal clear blue, and the people are sweet and welcoming. I booked the trip to Bermuda because of a flight deal shared by SUZZTRAVELS via twitter. My best friend and I saw the deal and instantly booked our flights. A big thanks to Suzzstravels! I'm going to share my trip details and itinerary for any of you who are thinking of visiting. 

Flight time from NYC: 1 hour and 50 minutes
Airline: JetBlue $181 Roundtrip
Living accommodations: AirBnB

We departed early on May 13th and returned May 17th for a total of 5 days and 4 nights.

First things first - What you need to know about Bermuda:
1. They do not have the biggest night life. It's a 'make the best of it with what you can' type of island. Yes, there are lounges/bars but if you're expecting a project X party or a 'hangover' trip with your friends - this is not the place. Thankfully, I can make anything fun and we managed to party every night and have a really great time. 

2. Bermuda is extremely expensive. I was warned beforehand and for some reason thought nothing of it but boy oh boy, they were not lying! An average home in Bermuda costs $1 million. Everything gets imported which explains it all. Meals, taxis, drinks, food shopping, you name it, is costly. 

3. Bermuda is known for its beautiful beaches and pink sand. There are so many and you really cannot go wrong with visiting any of them. Try to see as many as you can during your stay.

4. Bermudians are the nicest people I have ever met while traveling. They are so sweet, helpful, selfless, and overall positive people. Everyone we met during our stay took care of us, whether it was buying our drink, giving us rides, walking us to our next destination, or voluntarily enlightening us with Bermuda's history. Talk to the locals and you will not regret it. 

*if anyone is visiting Bermuda in the future and needs help with an itinerary - email me and I will happily share mine* 

Day 1:
We landed in Bermuda in the morning and had entire day for activities. We arrived to our AirBnb in Warwick which was gorgeous. Consisted of a main house (where the hosts lived), a cottage, guest house and an in-ground pool. We opted out of sticking to our day 1 plans and decided to chill out in our home for the first day. So we had a pool PARTAY! We got settled and tanned before our reservations at The Pickled Onion. The food was really great, our drink of choice all night was the Swizzle (they're known for Swizzles and Dark and Stormys), and the music was top 40. 

Day 2:
We began hitting the beautiful beaches of Bermuda!! Our home was walking distance from Warick beach so we started there. The beach was pretty secluded, quiet, and relaxing. No fuss, no noise, no people, no screaming kids. We truly were able to relax and even nap for a little before walking to the next beach: Horseshoe Bay Beach. Horseshoe bay is breathtaking but definitely more of a touristy spot. They have a bar + grill with a live DJ playing nothing but the hits (top 40, reggae, etc). We had such a good time there and even closed the place by being the last to leave - haha. At night, we found our way to the Bermuda Bistro @ The Beach which is called 'The Beach' to Bermudians. It was empty and boring when we walked in to the bar and at that point we truly realized the lack of night life at Bermuda. But we made friends with EVERYONE at the bar and it turned out to be an epic night and our favorite of the trip. 

Day 3:
We were so excited to start our day because we were going to visit the famous Crystal Caves. It's a must see on the island and we had no idea what to expect. The ticket to see both the Crystal and Fantasy caves costs $30. The tour is about an hour combined. We were lucky enough to have a really dope tour guide who was funny and filled with so many fun facts. He taught us so much about the island and the caves. The water was crystal clear and the formations looked like chandeliers. Mother nature truly outdid herself with the caves. There's a cafe on site where I ate the best fish sandwich ever. Also, we had ice cream walking distance from the caves at Baileys Bay Ice Cream Parlour. The ice cream shop is very famous with interesting history and the flavors were overwhelming - from pink champagne to oreo cheesecake and rum infused flavors. I recommend everyone to stop here! Our tour guide gave us a ride to the next beach: Tobacco Bay. Tobacco Bay is a small beach with a bar & restaurant. It's a lot more intimate than the others. All of the rock formations made the scenic view of the beach different than the others. 

Monday nights in Bermuda are for the beach party at Snorkel Park Beach. It's filled with locals and tourists who come in from the cruise ships. The music was so good and it was definitely a dancing party. I recommend everyone to go on a Monday night. 

Day 4:
Our last full day was spent visiting the best beach: Elbow beach. Words and pictures do this beach no justice. The water was turquoise to a point of appearing fake. I constantly had to remind myself I wasn't in a post card. We spent all of our time stuffing our face and tanning on our last day before heading to go.. PARASAILING. We booked our spots for parasailing before our trip and paid $100. Parasailing was at the naval dockyard where almost all restaurants and bars were. 

Click here to see a video of parasailing

We got on the boat and set out for the middle of the ocean. As the driver sets out the parachute for a test, it completely falls in the water and sinks. FAIL. We had to go back to the dockyard for the driver to fix the parachute. While we waited, we stopped at Calico Jack's Floating Bar for a quick beer. The floating bar concept is super cool and they even had a plank to walk on and dive right into the water (I dived three times). After some time at Calico Jack's, we went back onto the boat to give parasailing one more try. It was a success. We were able to go 300 FT in the air and have a clear view of the entire island. We were up in the air for a total of 10 minutes. After parasailing, we went out further into the ocean and fed the fishes!! This was one of my favorite moments in Bermuda. 

All in all, the trip was perfect. We were able to accomplish and see all the things we wanted to on the island. I will definitely visit Bermuda again because it's my ideal location to get away and unplug from the world. It's a paradise island.