Can a pair of ALAIA sandals fix me?


As I sit here with complete writer's block - blasting a super dope Duke Dumont festival set which by the way is reminding why I fell in love with house music. 

All I can really think about as I post this look in gorgeous ALAÏA sandals is how long it's been since i've truly worn a pair of heels. I find myself opting for slides, sneakers, or platform sandals versus a heel these days. Is this my new style? I used to be an insane shoe lover.. like a serious love affair with heels- HELLO! Where do you think FROM THE HEELS UP derived from? Most times I miss this about the old me. I say old as if i'm a brand new person. I want to rekindle my love affair with heels. Maybe out with the old and in with the new is the trick? Stay tuned. 

But I can't help but also think about the other parts of me that are so different now. One in particular that i've been struggling so hard with and have been super open about. I've become an awkward person. ME? If you know me, you'd probably think it's impossible because i'm a social butterfly and 9 times out of 10 the life of the party. But it's true. Lately, most things make me extremely uncomfortable. Crawl under a rock uncomfortable. "Please, let's leave this event uncomfortable." I used to be queen of handling/diffusing any situation with my humor and personality. Not anymore. I've completely lost my mojo. 

I'm constantly changing - every single second. It's so scary. My phases are more frequent and they're more and more short lived. Let's hope I can shake this awkwardness off. 

So I guess note to self, splurge on a pair of heels that will make me feel like me again whenever i'm cringing in an awkward moment again. 

MANGO ruffle top
MADEWELL culotte pants
ZARA bag
DANIEL WELLINGTON petite bondi watch (use code FromTheHeelsUp for 15% off any purchase)
FENDI sunglasses
ALAÏA sandals