Roadtrip: Niagara Falls, Canada


Sometimes random plans turn out to be the best experiences with unforgettable memories. Niagara Falls was just that for me! My boyfriend, his son, and I decided to end summer with a family road trip for 3 days. The ride to Niagara was about 7 hours and we decided to head up at night to wake up there and enjoy a full day.



We called the Crowne Plaza home for a few days which was directly across the Falls. Some rooms at the hotel offer a Fallsview which I totally recommend if you’re only staying a short weekend. The falls will amaze you every single time you look at them - they never get old.

The rooms are a bit outdated and have a bit of vintage vibes but we didn’t expect anything super luxe nor did it matter since we were constantly sightseeing and doing activities. The hotel had a pool which we took advantage of and offered buffet breakfast with an insane high view of the falls. If you stay at the hotel, I highly recommend getting breakfast on the 10th floor just once!


Wearing MISSLOLA set, STEVE MADDEN boots, ASOS bag


Truly, we didn’t have a concrete agenda or major plans for Niagara Falls. Our main goal was to only see it and of course - have fun! We had no idea what to expect especially traveling with a 9-year old. To our surprise, just a few steps away from our hotel was a strip full of arcades, bowling alleys, mini golf courses, a raceway, restaurants, etc. It reminded me of a kid-friendly Las Vegas. We were pleasantly surprised by how many things we could do as a family and we pretty much spent our entire weekend doing activity after activity. So here’s a list of things we did and loved:

Niagara Speedway Go Karting
Mistrider Zipline
Mini Golfing (we did this twice at two separate courses but I highly recommend the
Dinosaur Adventure Golf Course)
Bowling at Strike Rock N’ Bowl
Cave of the Winds


(Taken right after ziplining)



The Cave of the Winds is a ticketed attraction on the U.S side of the Niagara Falls. We drove back over the border to visit. The tour allows you to get REALLY close to the Falls. When you purchase your ticket, you will be given a pair of sandals and a poncho that you will need to wear to stay moderately dry - your feet will inevitably get soaked but it feels so good. To begin the attraction, you’ll start by watching a short video explaining the history of the falls which was very insightful. After the video, you will take an elevator up to then begin the walking aspect of the tour. You can walk at your own leisure and take tons of pictures while doing so.

As you walk higher up on the steps, the wind and water get stronger and stronger and at the highest point you can really feel how powerful the falls are - similar to a hurricane.

All in all, the Cave of the Winds was an awesome experience. Getting up close and personal with the Falls will give you good photo opps!



While touring the Cave of the Winds


Here’s a list of the places we visited and I highly recommend:
Skylon Tower Summit Suite Buffet
Rainforest Cafe
Sweet Jesus

The only plan we made before visiting Niagara Falls was dinner reservations at the Skylon Tower for the Summit Suite Buffet. You get the best view of the falls from the Skylon Tower which is 775 feet in the air. There are 3 options for visiting the tower: the observation desk, the buffet, and dinner at the revolving dining room that revolves every hour (cool AF).

We opted for buffet because 1. the boys love buffet and 2. a buffet will give a 9-year old endless options. The food was great and the price is affordable for the amount of options they offer you.

What I loved most about dinner at the Tower was being able to see the Falls illuminate in different colors at night. We couldn’t stop staring every couple of minutes to see them change color.

We were lucky enough to be visiting during the summer schedule for the fireworks. We were able to catch the fireworks at 10PM!


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All in all, Niagara Falls has been my favorite short trip! It surpassed my expectations and I am so happy to cross it off my travel bucket list. If you’re looking for a get away that requires no fuss and a ton of money, pack a bag and drive up to the Falls. Whether you are with your girls, your family, or your significant other.. Niagara Falls has something to offer and entertain anyone.