Photo source:  Wiley Valentine

Photo source: Wiley Valentine

Very soon, my bedroom will be under major construction and I am beyond excited to share the entire journey with you. So many of you have asked for room tours, vanity tours, or storage ideas and I haven't shared it because I knew I would one day revamp my space to my liking to better show you.

This project has consumed a lot of my time, ideas, and... money. My bedroom revamp and renovation has been a thought for about 3 years now so please understand my excitement! In 2012, my decor was revamped. I was so in love with my space but as the years went on, it no longer felt like "home" or represented me. It reminds me of who I used to be and sadly does not motivate me in the slightest. I've grown so much as well as my taste that my environment needs to reflect that.

In the next couple of weeks, my room will be under construction and I mean that literally (holy dust) - new wood floors, new flat walls/ceiling, and a closet expansion. I can't wait to share every single detail with you all. This has become a passion project that I am so invested in, it almost brings me to tears because I worked hard for it and I will continue to work hard to perfect it as I dream it. It represents a lot more than a couple of stops to Home Goods and West Elm but a checkpoint in my growth.

Photo source:  Conna Walke  r

Photo source: Conna Walker

Photo source:  Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source:  Flaunt & Center

Photo source: Flaunt & Center

I wanted to create this post to give you a glimpse of my vision and ideas before the process began. These inspo photos have been sitting in my pinterest board for a year now. Hopefully you can see my vision.

As you can see, i'm mostly inspired by a clean and minimalist look. The color-way i'm going with at the moment is grey, white, and blush pink with gold/silver accents. 

Photo source:  Kate La Vie

Photo source: Kate La Vie

Photo source:  Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo Source:  Hooker Furniture

Photo Source: Hooker Furniture


There isn't an aspect to my space that I have not thought of - a side table, art on the wall, wallpaper, chairs, a headboard, lighting.. you name it, I thought of it (maybe too much). 

While I am still unsure about most things, I know for sure that I am in love with mixed metals. My love affair for gold, brass, copper, and mirror anything has stuck with me for a while so I've decided to mix it all up when it comes to decor. I am going to keep my current mirrored silver dresser and chest here and here. I'll add gold details in possibly a side table or my work desk. 

Photo source:  Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source:  Baraetthem

Photo source: Baraetthem

Photo source:  Beigerenegade

Photo source: Beigerenegade


And now - the hardest part of it all. Storage and organization. I seriously don't know where to begin. I no longer want most of my clothing/shoes exposed. I am SICK of staring at it (also a lot more cleaning). I will still keep a clothes rack with newer pieces and looks that need to be shot throughout the week and i'll hide all other pieces in my closet or storage. 

I currently have a closet shaped almost like a triangle and will be breaking the wall down to create a square shape closet - possibly a 10ft walk in. WHOA! MAJOR. I'm kind of living my pinterest walk-in closet dreams with this one. *crosses fingers all goes well* It's important that I create the best storage and organization system that will work long-term.

I have a bad habit of keeping clothes and shoes that no longer fit me or aren't my style anymore because "you never know" but that is seriously changing. Most things i've only worn once or twice which clearly could have more use in someone else's closet. With that being said, i'm doing a huge TOSS, SELL, and DONATE.

My wardrobe is moving me out of my own room and it's time to make way for a new wardrobe that is timeless and represents me. So be on the lookout for new items i'll be selling on my poshmark

Photo Source:  Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo source:  Marianna Hewitt

Photo source: Marianna Hewitt


This will be the most important space of my room. It's important for me to curate an area that inspires me and keeps me focused. At this moment, I do all work on my vanity which most times is a mess with beauty products. It's not exactly the ideal space to answer emails or get my creative juices flowing. So I will dedicate one wall of my room for my work desk, record player stand and a gallery wall above as seen below. 

Photo source:  Noholita

Photo source: Noholita

Photo source:  The Budget Decorator

Photo source: The Budget Decorator


I am heavily inspired by Alyssa Lenore's gallery wall above her work desk (pretty much her entire room) and have been gathering inspo for mine. It will be above my work desk to constantly serve as inspiration and a reminder to be grateful. 

From my understanding, there's a science to a gallery wall and with my commitment issues, this will be the last piece of the puzzle for me to figure out. My anxiety just cannot take it at the moment - haha. I'm still on the hunt for a handful of new things to frame! Feel free to share some ideas..

Photo source:  LivvyLand

Photo source: LivvyLand

I own the above record player stand from Urban Outfitters and I love the vintage look with stacked books or a succulent on the shelf. The brassy color of the shelf is what gave me the idea to mix metals throughout my space because face it, I could not give it up. 

I'll be sharing the entire journey from beginning to end with you guys on my instagram. There will also be a big reveal/tour when it is final! I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to create a space, small or big, that feels like you and inspires you. Don't hesitate to share some of your ideas with me <3