Glowing with JAFRA ROYAL Boost


Hydrated, glowing and protected with Boost by JAFRA ROYAL


Boost by JAFRA is their first ever line that caters to both normal/oily and dry/sensitive skin. With climate changes, hormonal changes, and the air pollution in NYC i’ve found myself not knowing what skin type I truly am. I go through phases of normal skin and suddenly I am a total grease ball in my T-zone area. The next, i’m suffering mild rosacea and redness due to irritation. Not to mention those days my skin breaks out to testing a new product. Talk about bipolar! So where do I fit in?

This is why I am thrilled to partner with JAFRA Cosmetics. I’ve taken the BOOST line for a full spin and I mean it. Having recently traveled to the Caribbean and coming back to brutal temps in NYC - these products have kept my skin alive in both extremes. The line consists of four products for both skin-types: cleanser, mask, moisturizer and sunscreen and universal tone wipes. Every product is packed with super-food ingredients, one being matcha. Matcha is amazing for removing free radicals and helping with acne by decreasing sebum production.

While on vacation in Dominican Republic, I mostly stuck with the products that kept me hydrated and protected. I would alternate between the Cover Me and Play It Safe Sunscreen depending on my skins reaction to tanning all day. The COVER ME sunscreen protected my skin from sunburn while keeping my oily skin pretty matte while the Play It Safe sunscreen was amazing for the days when I woke up extremely dry and needed that extra boost of hydration. Another boost to the sunscreen (no pun intended) is that they offer blue light filtration to combat aging - i’m sure us millennial’s can appreciate this. Let’s not forget the products were travel approved being under the fluid ounce requirement!

After returning back to NYC, I immediately needed the Detox Clay mask to rid my skin of toxins and product build up I may have gained on vacation. The Quench It moisturizer was extremely soothing and hydrating and just what my dry and tanned skin needed to recover.

With combination and bipolar skin and a texture that is constantly changing, a skincare line that caters to all my skin needs will remain in my must-haves. The outside factors that contribute to dry, irritated, oily, sensitive skin are endless and the worries are over with the JAFRA ROYAL Boost line.

*In collaboration with JAFRA Cosmetics - all opinions are my own and honest