Happy Saturday!

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery and a good nights sleep. This is my current situation. Enjoying one of my last weekends of summer in Long Island. *recharging*

My feeling right now is mostly nostalgia. Returning to a place filled with loads of memories forces me to look back at how far i've come. This moment last year, I was finishing up the last of my credits at Stony Brook University while studying abroad in Italy. 

Insane to think how much has changed since then. I evolved in warp speed and I just started. But with all of life's changes - my one constant has been my support. It wasn't until this last year where I realized the true value of support. To give and receive.

For every "it's going to be okay" and every "you got this" - I am grateful. I'm a firm believer that everyone needs someone. Don't ever be too prideful to ask for help and accept support. Don't ever be too selfish to listen to others and be there when you're needed. You'd be surprised the places you can go with support.

ROMWE wrapped blouse | ZARA heels | Coach jeweled clutch (old)