Hydrated and Glowing with Lumene


Girls. Let's talk. 

Ever since February, my face has betrayed me. BETRAYED. For years, I pride myself on having amazing skin - no pimples, very few blackheads, soft skin. While I still don't have any major breakouts, my skin has been irritated, dry, flaky, and dull. I have rosacea which means areas of my face are more red and irritated than others especially when exposed to the sun. I found my face crying for hydrating products and the products I was using just weren't hydrating enough.

After a few cries for help, I was sent a box of hydrating cures aka Lumene skincare products. Lumene is a brand from Finland that uses unique ingredients like arctic cloudberries and arctic spring water to create hydrating products. Oh la la! It's been about 3-4 weeks since I began using only Lumene products morning/night and I can honestly say I have noticed a drastic change in the texture of my skin. 

I'll be sharing the Lumene 4-step Lähde morning ritual  I have stuck with for 3 weeks now. 

Pure Arctic Miracle 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water

I pour enough of the cleansing water onto a cotton pad and wipe my face/neck. It's refreshing and really removes excess oils on my face. No matter how cool my room can be, I seem to sweat a bit at night causing my face to be more oily in the morning time (as if my t-zone area could be any more oily). Most times, washing my face in the morning feels so harsh as I do have sensitive skin so the cleansing water is the perfect to start my day. 

Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel

You can't forget the eyes ladies! No matter how much sleep I get at night, my puffiness in the morning is just too much. To be honest, before I began using this eye gel, I would always pat really cold water on my eyes because I love the cooling sensation and I really felt like it did the job of depuffing. Now I use a dime size of the purity dew drops hydrating eye gel and rub on my top lids and undereye area. 

Intense Hydration 24H Moisturizer

Thankfully, I have been able to try all of the moisturizing options Lumene has to offer - Intense Hydration, Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 (contains Vitamin C), Matte Hydration, Overnight Bright sleeping Cream (contains Vitamin C) and Hydration Recharge overnight cream. The hydrating possibilities are endless.

I truly listen to my skin and decide which moisturizer is best. Most days when I feel very oily, I opt for the matte hydration which is still very moisturizing but a lot less creamy and shiny as the other moisturizers. I always go for the overnight bright cream at night because I love love love how silky smoove my faces feels and the natural glow in the AM. One thing is for sure, no matter which moisturizer I choose, my skin is very much moisturized all throughout my day.  

Arctic Spring Water enriched Facial Mist

Last step: my favorite step. Facial mist. I've shared with you all before that I love my cucumber facial mist and I use it everyday before/after makeup or for a quick spruce. There is just something about spraying natural arctic spring water on my face that makes the entire morning ritual so much better (I feel so bougie). It also smells so good!

All in all, I am loving Lumene's skincare products. My skin is glowing and I've had less irritation in my problem areas. My redness is down and I've noticed a more flawless finish after applying makeup.

FYI, all opinions are my own and honest.