If you haven't noticed already then you will soon notice I have a thing for bell sleeves - or any statement top for that matter. The more the better - in every way. If it's oversized or fluttering, I am obsessed. I've worn this top a few times now. Once with wide leg jeans, another with suede culottes and now with a denim skirt. I love dressy tops that can be versatile and worth the money. 


There's something i've been struggling with and would like to share. As this is my safe haven/public journal, I feel the need to be more open and honest yet helpful in any way that I can in case you are feeling as I do.  

Maintaining balance in my life has never been more difficult yet necessary as it has been lately. Possibly due to me taking on more responsibilities (i.e. becoming an adult, eaakkkk!) Now let me be clear, I don't mean I am struggling with time management or multitasking. I think I am a great multi-tasker and I have shown much personal progress in the time management department (I used to save everything to the last minute but things always got done which became my way of being).

When I say balancing, I guess I mean where I put my attention or energy to. Balancing all of the things on my plate and giving each the same amount of attention or more has been so darn hard. I found myself giving one aspect of my life all of my energy and I began to feel depleted which was/is negatively affecting the other areas of my life I care about. The moment I noticed I was giving one aspect all of me - I knew I had to do something, quick. 

One of my strengths is my personal awareness. I quickly pick up and acknowledge my new habits, flaws, or problems. I don't let much time go on before I realize, speak with someone or solve the issue. I've slowly regained some control of my life and I am slowly balancing much better but I am still very much struggling. I've been going back to old hobbies and rituals that helped me with this sort of thing. While this is working - I'd like to try new things.

If any of you have recommendations or suggestions on how to balance or help me in any way - help a sista out!



Shop the look: 
Top: Free People
Denim skirt: H&M (similar: here and here
Belt: Nanette Lepore
Booties: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Quay Australia