First things first, let me explain where my hair has been and the journey it is on now. I've been dying and processing my hair since the 8th grade - highlights, blonde, blonde streaks, auburn, black.. any color you can think of. Every summer I went light on my hair and never used products to treat and maintain the texture. A year ago I had to do a big chop when I realized more than half of my hair was damaged. My hair was orange, brassy, and broken. U G L Y. Since then i've been more cautious and aware of the haircare products i'm using. I dyed my hair as close as possible to my natural hair color (dark brown) and did a chop. But now I'm on a mission to completely regrow. I'm staying away from heat and leveling up in haircare.


After 2 months of using the OUAI products, I can be honest and say they are amazing for girls with texture like mine. Thin, wavy, and frizzy. Since i'm staying away from heat, i'm forced to always go for a "model off-duty" look. Which has always kind of been my goal. I love effortless and tousled hair. The OUAI products help me achieve just that and has made the regrow process less miserable.

The pomade is perfect for keeping my baby hairs under control while not feeling or looking hard. It's great for styling my hair in braids, ponytails, and buns. 

The volume shampoo and conditioner has been great. They are free of parabens but I realized after using they aren't free of sulfates. When it's time to re-up I will be buying the repair shampoo/conditioner in which it is free of both parabens and sulfates. The bottles are small but if used sparingly it is enough product to last for 3 months. 

The wave spray is AMAZING for when I don't want to do any styling to my hair after a wash. Most times a girl is very lazy. I spray it evenly throughout and it dries in beachy waves. A little hair spray and i'm good to go. I'll be taking the wave spray on my future trips to use right out of the pool or beach. 

The soft hair spray is my favorite product by the OUAI. Hair spray in general is a must-have hair product for me. My flyaways have a mind of its own and styling creams don't cut it. The hair spray holds my hair without leaving it crunchy and hard. Whether in soft waves or slicked back, my hair feels smooth and holds all day. It is most definitely lightweight and lives up to what the OUAI stands for. I'm going to try the medium hair spray next because i'm curious to see the difference in the hold. 

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