Lately, i've been wearing the same things, lighting the same candle, and playing the same tunes. And no, i'm not bored yet or curious to try, hear, or wear anything else. I'm very happy with my same old obsessions, so here they are:

Yes, this coat is #1.

Although i've seen so many ladies wearing this Zara coat, it hasn't lost its value - not even a bit. I get so excited every time I see it I have to scream out "OMG I LOVE YOUR COAT" while wearing it as well. It's black, it's warm, it's cozy, it's oversized. I can't remember the last time i've been attached to a piece like this. 

I SEE YOU by the XX.

If I could describe my taste in music I would say it's very versatile - simply put. I'm open to listen to everything. I'll give anything a genuine listen with an open-mind. My followers on twitter and snapchat may have noticed I love electronic dance music. Electronic anything. My coworker recently put me on to the "I See You" album from the xx. She wouldn't stop raving about it so I was beyond curious to listen. I had only ever heard "together" by the band. I gave the album a full listen from beginning to end with 0 interruptions and wow, wow, wow. It's been on heavy rotation for days now. It's the soundtrack while I sleep, while I shower, and on my commutes. I can't wait to see them live at COACHELLA

OUAI haircare products.

I'll be discussing my hair struggles and goals very soon on a separate post with a review of the OUAI products. But for now, i'm in love. I've been using the volume shampoo + conditioner and the texturizing hairspray for the last month and i've seen a drastic change in my hair and the texture. I've ditched all of my old products and have stuck strictly to OUAI products. I've also used little to no heat on my hair (to form a genuine review on the products). I love the smell, the packaging and most importantly the airy feel and effortless results it's been giving me.

Spruce + Spice candle.

I wish I could receive a life-time supply of spice scented candles. The candle i'm lusting over is a Makers of Wax Goods candle from Home Good's and not only is the packaging gold (sucker for packaging, you guys know this) but it adds a nature feel to my bedside situation. You guys may have seen it on my instastory. I also don't think it'll be running out anytime soon. YAS. 

1460 Dr. Martens.

I have absolutely no clue why I hadn't invested in a pair of 1460 Dr. Martens much sooner but let's move past the what if's. It's so rare to find such a chunky yet super comfortable boot. They are my most comfortable flat, hands down. They've endured a few rowdy concerts and are my go-tos when i'm wearing obsession #1 (scroll up). 

ZARA coat
ROMWE crew neck
ZARA boyfriends jeans
FOREVER 21 fishnet socks
QUAY AUSTRALIA x DESI PERKINS 'high key' sunglasses