New year, Same me, New goals


What a year 2017! I've learned to look forward to this end of year review because it really forces me to reflect and think of my short-term and long-term goals for the new year. This entire year feels like one big blur. Did it happen? Was it good? Was it bad? Am I in a twilight zone? 

One thing for sure is that I had a great year. I traveled to 3 new destinations, progressed in my professional career, learned to take better care of my skin and hair, had my first print feature in Latina Magazine, learned to love again, gained thousands of followers into my instafam, worked with some dope brands that I once only dreamed of working with, found my voice, and learned to speak up in situations that are not right. 

It's a new year, a fresh start, page one of a new chapter, but the same me - just older, wiser, and stronger with new goals. Here are some of my 2018 goals: 

Get my license - I think it's about time I no longer allow the "I'm from the city, I take public transportation everywhere" mentality continue to get the best of me and set me back. I have now taking my permit and 5-hour class twice. TWICE people. TERRIBLE. I will get my license in 2018. 

Cook more - I am extremely proud at the steps I made to becoming more domestic. I love that you guys have been loving my cooking stories! If you know me, you know that I am extremely lazy and beyond spoiled in every way. I surprisingly found some joy and peace in cooking, decorating, and cleaning. Or are these early signs of adulting? This year I want to cook healthier meals and exciting new dishes and share them with you.

Find my calling - I have the softest spot in my heart for all unfortunate situations and people who struggle in anyway. Recently my mom told me I should find a charity or organization that I resonate with and become a donor because I have a heavy heart for most things. It really stuck with me and I want to find the org that I can be a donor to and represent in any way that I can. 

Treat my brand as a business - The last 5 years I have treated FTHU as a hobby or part-time if you wish. This year I was fortunate enough to begin making a generous income through my work. Let me just tell you - it feels really good to be compensated for your passion work. It takes a whole lot for me to adapt an entrepreneurial mindset given my lack of a business background. I'm learning as I go through trial-and-error but I look at 2017 as the foundation of which my platform will grow. What I learned and experienced this year set me up for 2018 in ways unimaginable. 

Travel - Book a spontaneous trip. All of my past trips have been planned and thought out way in advance. While I recommend them to - I also would love to book a flight, pack a bag and go anywhere in a very short notice. There is just something physically and financially liberating about packing your shit and going! I guess this should be on my bucket list rather than my resolutions but it's all the same!

Have fun - Thinking back at the moments and experiences I had this year make me smile so hard. Although the memories were epic - I allowed my first real year of adulting to overwhelm me. It was my first full year out of college with real responsibilities. Priorities, saving money, work stress, and everything in between stressed me to the point that I didn't enjoy my own hard work. It was all work and no play for most of 2017. In 2018, I will enjoy it all. I'll treat myself more. I promise to have fun through it all.

I'm oversharing my goals because I give my followers full permission to check me and remind me whenever I step out of line. Slide into my DM's like "girl did you forget your goals?"

I am so ready for a fresh new start. 2017 was a weird year and I'm so excited to find clarity in 2018! Bring it!


Rhinestone headpiece from an accessory boutique

Happy New Years babes!