New smile with at home teeth whitening


I am all about investing in at-home products that enhance my features but don't break my bank account. It's important for me to pamper myself 1-2 days out of the week. It's truly needed for my sanity (no exaggeration, I promise). My pamper sessions consist of face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, lip scrubs and the newest addition: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening system

A little bit of a background:
Fortunately, I wore braces from the age of 14 to 16. Of course, like every normal post-braces procedure my doctor removed all the glue and crustiness braces left on my teeth. Inevitably, my teeth were still a slight bit yellow. Fast forward a couple of years - lots of red wine, iced tea, and coffee later, my teeth became really yellow. I was desperate to invest in whitening my teeth because being in front of a camera became an every day thing. I was beyond self-conscious and even tried to smile less in pictures or not at all. 


I partnered with Smile Brilliant to test out their teeth whitening system. I was so excited to see if I would see true results versus getting my teeth whitened professionally or by using whitening strips. 

How it works:
Smile Brilliant will ship you an entire teeth kit. The kit will consist of custom trays for your at-home impressions, whitening applications, and desensitizing applications. They provide everything you will need to create your impressions. After you have created them, you ship them back to Smile Brilliant. In just a few days, you'll receive your own custom teeth trays. Once you receive your trays, you can begin the process! 

The entire process is simple, painless, and quick. I would pop in my trays and continue about my day/night - cleaning, watching tv, answering emails, or doing the rest of my skin care routine. I usually left my trays in for 2 hours. I felt the most time they were in - the better results I would see. After removing my trays for the first time, I had so many white stains almost like polka dots. It was in that moment I truly realized how stained my teeth were and I was desperate to see what my teeth would look like the next morning. Next, i'd use the desensitizing gel to avoid any weird tingling or burning sensations (just in case). Lastly, i'd brush my teeth and go to sleep. 

When I would wake up the next morning, the white polka dots are gone. It seems as though the whitening gel would set in and as the hours past - the color of my teeth would even out overnight. I noticed a major difference in color after just one session. I was able to spread out the product and use the whitening system over a span of 3 months. 


Pictures above are before and after in natural lighting. The before picture truly does not depict how yellow my teeth genuinely were. I noticed an overall difference in color and texture. My teeth feel smooth and even in color all throughout.

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Sponsored by Smile Brilliant - all opinions are honest and my own