How I Found My Personal Style


A question I get pretty often is, “how did you find your personal style? or "I want to revamp my wardrobe, what are your tips to help me find my style?" To begin, my personal style is always changing. It changes with time, age, and trends. I'm constantly working on it. I'm always inspired and exploring new silhouettes, colors and shapes to find what works for me. 

Truly, i've come very close to finding my personal style and what works for me when I started paying attention to what makes me feel good and what I feel most confident in. I learned what styles flatter my curves, makes me look taller, and shows off my legs. And I learned what makes me look like an oompa loompa, washes my complexion out, and hides my waist. I know my strengths and I confidently play them up. 

Knowing what works for your body is my biggest tip to finding your personal style. Not every style will be flattering on you and if it isn’t flattering - you will not feel like your best self. Avoid clothing that you feel emphasizes the parts of your body you wish to hide. And the parts you love? Show them off! Buy it... in multiple colors. Remix the outfit that made you feel really good that day.


To me, personal style is your self-expression. How you feel about yourself and how you feel about life at the moment translates through your style. When you feel good, you look good - it's true!

It’s taken me a while but i’m so much closer to really honing in on my true personal style that makes me feel really good when I step out. Through trial and error, I realized that it was just really simple. My personal style is what makes me feel good. 



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