Bomber jackets + life chats


I don't know about you but I'll always have a love affair with bomber jackets especially with patches. I own a few bombers but none with character like this one so it's the perfect little addition. This ROMWE bomber is lightweight and I can't wait to wear it in the Spring over my dresses! 

ALICE + OLIVIA 'ryley' flare jeans (similar: here)
ROMWE bomber jacket
QUAY AUSTRALIA x DESI PERKINS 'high key' sunglasses
ZARA clutch


Do you mind if we life chat it up really quick? 

Lately, i've been under a lot of stress and anxiety has completely taken over (meditation has been longer and more frequent *wipes sweat*). None of what's causing me stress is bad. I'm calling it good stress! They are actually wonderful things and changes that are happening but are in the process. It's a blessing and a curse to be someone who constantly speaks things into the universe. It's a blessing because 10 times out of 10, I stop at nothing to make my plans happen and the universe ALWAYS, without fail, responds and delivers. It's a curse because i'm an impatient person. I want things to happen as soon as possible. I'm aware of this bad habit and i'm working towards changing it. 

Timing is everything. I'm learning to trust the process. It's just so damn difficult for me to send a message out to the universe and completely forget about it. Like how? I start to tell myself it hasn't happened so it never will. Or I get attached to a specific outcome. But i'm working on shifting this negative mind I can sometimes have about my goals. I'm trying to reassure myself that what I want is on its way. It's coming. 

Do you guys feel me on this one? If you're feeling like me about anything at the moment - just know you're not alone. I'm right here with 'cha!