From The Heels Up



Founded by Amanda Korina, From The Heels Up has created a niche in the fashion industry. Amanda emblazons her own path of style and fashion in the fast-paced and ever-buzzing New York City. She embodies all that is chic, elegant, and edgy. She transforms the leading trends into her own unique adaptation. The way Amanda dresses is the way she expresses herself to the world. Undoubtably, she exudes her witty, charming, and sophisticated qualities. She puts unlikely pieces together to create a striking first impression and lasting statement.




my trip to breathless punta cana

A week away with the love of my life while being treated like complete royalty is the type of treatment I can get used to. Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive suite resort about 45 minutes from the Punta Cana international airport..

roadtrip: niagara falls, canada

Sometimes random plans turn out to be the best experiences with unforgettable memories. Niagara Falls was just that for me!..

a weekend at the mondrian

Book the flight. Just get away. Miami is never a bad idea for a few days of R&R that won’t break the bank..



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