From The Heels Up



Founded by Amanda Korina, From The Heels Up has created a niche in the fashion industry. Amanda emblazons her own path of style and fashion in the fast-paced and ever-buzzing New York City. She embodies all that is chic, elegant, and edgy. She transforms the leading trends into her own unique adaptation. The way Amanda dresses is the way she expresses herself to the world. Undoubtably, she exudes her witty, charming, and sophisticated qualities. She puts unlikely pieces together to create a striking first impression and lasting statement.




how i found my personal style 

I've come very close to finding my personal style and what works for me when I started paying attention to what makes me feel good and what I feel most confident in. I learned..

Fall trends: plaid + fanny packs 

If your fall wardrobe doesn't include a fanny pack or plaid of any sort - you're doing it wrong..

to be an influencer

The label of 'influencer' has been a weird title to get accustomed to. I never viewed myself as one nor have ever been a fan of self-acclaimed titles. But there seems to be no avoiding it.. 



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