Not your average mascara


Even on the days where i'm rushing to work and refuse to put a full face of makeup on, I always find time for mascara (and maybe even a little concealer). Curling your lashes and adding a bit of mascara can always transform your eyes/face. I was so thrilled to try the new Julep Beauty lash boosting bamboo mascara "with a twist" (literally). 

This mascara takes multitasking to new levels. The customizable wand makes it a 2-in-1 mascara. With just a twist, you can shorten or extend the applicator. Shorten the wand with a quick twist to add volume and extend the wand to lengthen your lashes. The best of both worlds. 

Not only is there a twist but the bamboo extracts and peptides help grow your lashes. I'm always here for new ways to help grow or strengthen my features. 

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