Isabel Marant Pour H&M

The wait for the Isabel Marant x H&M collection is finally over. After weeks and weeks of staring at the look book, I decided on pieces that I definitely wanted to add to my fall/winter wardrobe.

Let's be serious - not all of us can walk into Isabel Marant and spend $1,000 on a blazer. So for most of us, the Isabel Marant x H&M mash up was heaven sent. It was our chance to get multiple pieces for just $100-$300. Lately, red, black, white, and gray have been in serious rotation and the collection only added to it. The collection is full of timeless pieces. Jackets, sweaters, and pants that will last a lifetime and never be outdated. I was worried I wouldn't get my hands on the pieces I really wanted. How wrong I was! Here's a collage of all the items I scored!

HM Isabel Marant

Gray wool-blend Jacket (Size 2) - This is my favorite piece of the entire collection. If I weren't able to buy anything else, I would have been perfectly content with this jacket. I was in deep need of a good jacket this winter and oversized boyfriend coats are so in. What attracted me most about this jacket is that it can definitely be worn as a blazer. Pop the collars and cuff the sleeves and it looks like an entirely different jacket. For the price, it is so worth it. It's a classic item and I don't see why I wouldn't wear it every winter.

Black Melange Wool Cardigan (Size XS) - Although I love timeless basics, I am as well in love with statement pieces. The cardigan is really really cool. It's big and fuzzy and I love big and fuzzy. I'm really little, so it's fun to be completely covered in a cardigan. The cardigan runs really big. I bought an XS and I still have tons of room.

Burgundy Sweatshirt (Size 2) - Who doesn't love sweatshirts? It will be easy to wear with boyfriends jeans or harem sweatpants and booties for a night time look!

Gray Sweatpants (size 2) - Speaking of sweatpants - I couldn't resist these. I have a massive obsession with sweatpants with ribbed hems. My height thanks me later :) They're extremely comfortable and I would definitely wear them with a pair of chucks or heels!

White Long-sleeved linen top (size 14 kids) + white linen tank-top (size 2) - Both are not shown in the collage because of the white layout. It would be really hard to see! Although white tops are sold pretty much everywhere for a much cheaper price, I wanted to invest in good quality. I usually buy white tops, 2 or 3 at a time, from F21 and H&M because a girl always needs white tops but they get worn out really quickly and this was my reason for investing in good quality. They're also comfy!

Silver earrings, bracelet, and necklace - I'm a bit accessory-obsessed. Surprisingly I don't own much silver. The bracelet looks really antique which is another timeless piece that can be worn with anything.


I'm really happy that I was able to get my hands on a little bit of everything. I think i'm done with Isabel Marant for a lil' while! lol

Overall, the collection is great quality. I think the best steal of the collection are the coats and if you have extra money, spoil yourself but definitely stick to the basics. After all, when will Isabel Marant ever be this affordable again?

What pieces did you guys snag from the collection?


Manda Korina