Thank you 2013. Hello 2014.

Happy New Year loves! I hope everyones' holidays were peaceful and full of love. Christmas and New Years were amazing for me.

Mushy side note: 2013 was by far, my favorite year. From The Heels Up received so much love, support, and great feedback and words can't describe my feelings towards that. I initially started the site solely because it was something I love to do and to inspire. What it has done for me in 2013 is nothing compared to what I would like to do in 2014. I wanted to inspire girls and instead, I was inspired. Juggling school and a social life, yet, staying consistent to my brand was extremely difficult. But all the emails of kind words and gifts I received motivated me so much and kept me focused and for that I am thankful. Seeing views from India, London, Spain, China, etc. is really surreal to me. Wish I could meet everyone! :D (Maybe, one day!) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

OK! Back to fashion.


Wearing H&M blouse, Forever 21 leather leggings, moto jacket from the Gap, Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag + Victoria's Secret booties


I got the specific hair wand I was bugging everyone for. Got it for Christmas! This is how I got the waves in my hair.


These booties have become my favorite. The suede material makes them really soft and comfortable. They can spice up any simple black outfit.


I made a list of reminders for 2014 and I thought I'd share my #1.

"Continue becoming the person you would ideally fall in love with."


Manda Korina


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