The color of my current season


Freshness, happiness, clarity, energy, optimism.


Oh, hi there! :)

It's been a little over two months since I've spoken to you all on here and I truly missed it. If you've been catching up with me on Instagram you'll notice I've been quite busy in this current season of my life. It only makes sense to catch you all up and answer some questions I continue to receive and touch on the topic of - balance

The last few months have been completely non-stop for me in the best ways. From traveling, to my full-time job, to my weekends away in Long Island and how quickly FTHU is growing - I don't know how I've been balancing it all but I have. I have newly become that person who cannot function without my Google calendar. I can't make spontaneous plans anymore because my life is booked and double booked weeks in advance. 

2018 has been my "cardi" year as everyone calls it. Every aspect of my life is on track and unfolding exactly as I dreamed and prayed it to in 2017. This also means accepting all the things coming at me that I asked for. 

So here's the tea: my Monday to Friday's are spent at my full-time then im running to an event, shooting content, or squeezing in a dinner date or drink with a friend. Thankfully, my mom is very much apart of this process and I don't have to sacrifice seeing or spending time with her which is very important to me. I've spent almost every weekend for the last few months in Long Island helping my boyfriend get his home in order. He recently bought a house which I am so beyond proud of him for. So our focus has been trying to get the home to feel like a "home" while also enjoying ourselves this summer. Simultaneously, I'm finishing up my bedroom revamp which unfortunately took a pause because of other priorities but we're back on track! (Stay tuned for my walk-in closet installment on Aug 7th!)

I joke all the time and call myself a "nomad" or a "bag lady" cause honestly that's what my life has come to. I'm a complete hot mess trying to accomplish all the things on my calendar and make it to places on time. While it keeps me going and keeps me busy, I sometimes don't know how I manage to function. Most times i'm just going through the motions and not really processing it all. 

I think once I accepted that this is my life now, it got a lot easier. I feel less overwhelmed and I take things week by week. I've been less hard on myself when things fall through or I simply can't make something happen. Because you know, shit happens.

I, by no means, have perfected the art of time management and balance but i'm making progress. Sometimes I come down on myself when other aspects of my life aren't getting the attention I want them to like being consistent on my blog or seeing my friends. But I make sure to do small things daily so that i'm not totally neglecting those areas. Small steps daily towards the bigger picture is key.

There's no right or wrong to balancing your life or responsibilities. Everyone is dealing and coping differently and what works for me, may or may not, work for you. What I've learned is that balance is understanding your priorities and making time for what you really want and if it makes you happy, THE BETTER.

Sharing my personal life and mixing all of my worlds together is my biggest struggle and fear but i'm making baby steps toward blending them all. I hope to involve you guys more in the future because truly, none of us have it figured out and my mistakes and advice could help some of you.

Life may only continue to get crazier for me but there's peace in knowing that i'm doing a good job if i'm making time for the things that make me happy. 

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