Seasons and change


I'm one of those people who are in love with change. I encourage it. I appreciate it. I never question or fear it. I love going to new places, meeting new people, trying new things, getting a new job (oh yea, that!), and changing my hair. Change is bomb. I get bored easily and most times I'm really underwhelmed - so I'm always here for a switch up!

Most times I wish that I lived in a place with constant temps but then Fall approaches in NYC and I'm reminded that I really do love the change of seasons. Put me in a warmer state and I'm sure I'd get bored of that also, ugh! Summer came and went and while I'm welcoming Fall, I'm also saying hello to new beginnings - a new job.

In the last year, events/changes in my life have freakishly occurred at the same time. I know I know - everything happens for a reason, my life has a plan, yea yea yea. But it's totally different when the event happens and you're aware in the very moment of its purpose and meaning. It's a super cool, light bulb on - epiphany moment. This has happened to me, way too often.  

New chapters always come with new memories, new stories, new friends, new failures, new lessons, and above all new accomplishments. So if we're being honest, I'm so nervous but an excited nervous. I'm welcoming all new things with open arms.

This is the happiest of goodbyes: bye summer.

H&M romper | Free People via Lulus sneakers| Ellen & James bag | Lack of Color sun hat
Quay Australia sunglasses
Ross-simons picnic basket | Miraval Provence wine