Fall Trends: Plaid + Fanny Packs


If your Fall wardrobe doesn't include a fanny pack or plaid of any sort - you're doing it wrong. Whether it's my oversized plaid Zara blazer or plaid trousers - it seems like i'm wearing plaid everyday. Which I am kicking myself in the butt for getting rid of so much plaid all the times I went on a rampant Spring cleaning. Don't you just hate when that happens? Fashion always repeats itself, why haven't I learned. 

Fanny packs have also conquered the Fall season. Your favorite bloggers and supermodels are killing the street style game in the trendiest fanny's. From fast fashion to big designers, the fanny pack options are endless. Although the only fanny's I own have been strictly for concerts; doesn't mean I can't participate in the latest trends. *suffers from a severe case of fomo* So I turned my classic LV bag with a long strap into a fanny pack. If any of your old crossbody bags come with detachable straps - I say try it. Wrap the bag around your waist twice and VOILA you got yourself Fall's latest trend without breaking the bank. Rock it on your waist or around your neck and arm for an editorial feel.

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ZARA bodysuit | TOPSHOP trousers | LOLASHOETIQUE booties
QUAY AUSTRALIA x KYLIE JENNER sunglasses | LOUIS VUITTON bag worn as a fanny pack