Hashtag blessed


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. I hope that you are thankful everyday but you take even the slightest moment to reflect today on all that you have. 

This year was a huge year for me. It was a year full of amazing transitions. A year of accomplishments, traveling, dancing, and a whole lotta loving. I'm going to try to explain something and hopefully you can stick with me and understand. Do you remember that day or that period of your life a year ago when you said "omg i'm so happy"? And then you experienced a better day or period in your life, let's say this year, and said "omg that wasn't happiness, this is happiness!" I had that moment almost everyday this year and I am blessed because that means growth and change. That means your life is only going up. It means the moments are getting better and better. You're learning yourself and redefining what happiness truly means to you. 

FAMILY + FRIENDS.. my support system. My mom, my dads, my best friend, my sisters, my friends, and everyone in between - I AM FOREVER INDEBTED TO YOU ALL. *cue the waterworks* 

I'm thankful for my support system but even more for myself. Thankful to be where I am now versus where I was a year ago all due to my own strength. Depression had hit me hard and life had become overwhelmingly difficult for me for 1000 reasons. My own strength didn't allow me to stay there, at rock bottom. My strength asked for help from my family and friends and knew that this wasn't it and what I was feeling wasn't ok. At a time where sadly, everyone is becoming more aware to mental illnesses - thankfully to the bravery of Cudi, Selena, Kanye, and more - I've grown the courage to share my truth. It wasn't until I fully understood that bad place I was in, that I would share this and want to help others. And for all of this, I am thankful for my family, friends, therapist, and everyone else who I reached out to and saw me through it all and have led me to here. Peace. 

Today, I am THANKFUL

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